Why Work With Us

Here at Clever PAYE our team has spent years working in the contracting sector, both as contractors and as contractor tax (and compliance) specialists. We know the issues that affect contractors when it comes to striking a balance between maximising pay and minimising paperwork. That’s why we decided to offer our contractors a choice. Instead of saying there is only one way of maximising income and one way of organising your business we decided to let the contractor choose how they wanted to work. And once they have decided, we then offer them the very best returns on the market for that working style. Our contractor tax team have taken products that have been on the market for years (such as Limited Company Structures or Umbrella Companies) and improved the returns from those solutions whilst simultaneously adding new features and better back office support.

Additionally we have come up with our own unique and innovative ‘Employed Solutions’ that offer contractors the best returns on the market (up to 90% in some cases) whilst minimising the paperwork the contractor needs to take care of. We know that what’s right for a lower income temporary contractor who expects to be contracting for 2 months isn’t the same as a high income IT contractor who wants to contract for the rest of their lives and that a one-size-fits all approach simply doesn’t work.

We also know from experience, that many contractor companies make promises they cannot keep and make claims as to their compliance which HMRC does not agree with. That’s why all our products are built first and foremost around compliance from the ground up. We have a team of compliance experts who ensure that everything we offer is fully compliant and who closely monitor any new regulations or legislation to stay ahead of the curve. That’s also why we are UK based with UK based solutions for UK contractors.

At Clever PAYE we’re confident in the rock solid compliance of all our solutions. And those solutions, whichever you choose, all offer similar results – market leading income retention combined with hassle-free admin and no paperwork.

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To create a platform that rewards contractors and freelancer with control and returns, which is underpinned with top notch service.


All our contractors will look at our full range of solutions and decide which type of product is right for them. Whether you want to stick with a Limited Company and retain full control yourself or stay within a traditional Umbrella Company or whether you want to join our Clever PAYE Employed Solution as an employee, we can tailor a package that is perfect for you. The format of each package might be different, but the results will be the same – a massive increase in the money you take home combined with us taking on a lot more of your paperwork and daily tasks. And as well as taking over the paperwork, the invoicing, the chasing of payments and the dealings with HMRC, we also guarantee that your money will go into your account the same day we get it.

Benefits for You

Here are some of the benefits you will see across our range of products:

Fully Compliant Solutions

All of the solutions we offer, whether Limited, Umbrella or Employed are fully compliant with all current HMRC legislation. And because our compliance team are constantly monitoring any new or potential legislation all our solutions will always be compliant as soon as new legislation is introduced.

Highest Rates of Retention

We believe our employed solution compares favourably with every other scheme on the marker and offers the best rates of retention out there (as high as 90%). Similarly, the changes we have made to the Limited Company Solution and the Umbrella Company structure mean we are offering market leading rates on those products too.

Insurances Included

All our solutions will ensure that you have all the correct cover when it comes to Public Liability and Professional Liability insurance cover.

Easy to Join, Easy to Leave

We’ve set it up so that joining us and leaving us are extremely easy, with no signing or leaving fees.

Instant Access to Your Money

We guarantee same day payments directly into your bank account. As soon as we’ve received it, we’ll pass it on to you.

No Boring Paperwork

That single timesheet represents the full extent of your paperwork. No more dealings with accountants or HMRC, no more expenses forms, no more filing.

Our Solutions are Unaffected by IR35

as an employee of Clever PAYE you will never be affected by IR35 legislation nor any legislation relating to MSC or Employee Benefits Trusts.

Compliance with GAAR

as an employee of Clever PAYE you will never be affected by IR35 legislation nor any legislation relating to MSC or Employee Benefits Trusts.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Your own account manager will always be there at the end of the phone to help you with any queries or problems.

Great Relationships With Agencies

We are on the preferred clients list of most of the UK’s leading contractor agencies.

Testimonials & clients

  • I've been with many other providers but Clever PAYE are different, they care about what they do and how they treat people. I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Diana Red