As an agency you will know that no two contractors are the same – and these days no two contractors are paid the same way. That’s why at Clever PAYE we have come up with a number of different tax solutions to suit different types of contractors. We work together with both contractors and agencies to streamline the day to day admin and paperwork and unlike most other contractor services we can do this in a number of different ways, including traditional Limited Company solutions, Umbrella Company solutions and our unique and market leading Employed Solutions. All our solutions are fully compliant (and constantly updated) and are outside of IR35 and GAAR compliant as well as being fully compliant with recent PAYE Real Time (RTI) legislation. Best of all we are a UK based company offering UK based compliancy solutions to UK contractors. We work closely with agencies to ensure that they don’t have to worry about the legality and compliance of their contractors, streamlining every aspect of their pay and their admin and guaranteeing agencies that no matter what pay structure they have opted for, our contractors will be on the right side of all HMRC rules and regulations.

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No AWR, No Cry

We don’t need to tell you about the problems associated with the Agency Workers Regulations which were brought in on 1st October 2011. Rest assured that all our contractors will be AWR exempt and operating outside of the legislation as they will be engaged as persons working in a  ‘professional’ capacity and will sign professional services contracts.


How It Works

As you will see elsewhere on this site we offer various solutions to our contractors all of which offer maximum returns to the contractor in a risk free environment. We have assembled a team of contractors and compliance experts who have ensured (and who are constantly updating) compliance across our range of products. In practice this means that our contractors will be constantly compliant with all HMRC legislation, will be outside of IR35 and will not be caught out by disguised employment legislation nor exposed to MSC. They will come with all EL, PL and PI insurances included and will be covered for all eventualities; and their NI and PAYE will be paid by us. They will also be paid the same day as we are. All the contractor need do is hand in a daily or weekly time sheet and we will take care of the rest.


Agency Benefits.

Most important of all we offer you peace of mind that your contractors are compliant with all UK regulations and legislation and are paid by a company that is based in the UK. We have put together an industry leading compliance team and we can guarantee that our contractors will not fall foul of current legislation. Additionally, your agency will also be allocated a dedicated account manager so you always have someone you know at the end of the phone and you will always have access to that compliance team. We work in partnership with agencies and believe that we provide a support service that is unmatched anywhere else. Thats why Clever PAYE is already on the preferred client list of hundreds of UK agencies. And it’s why we’d love to speak to you and show you what we can do.

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