Demand Greatest For Technically Skilled Contractors

Contractors who have key skills in engineering, strategic and technical areas are seeing greatest demand.   The next year or two look like being profitable ones for technical contractors, engineering contractors and contractors in possession of important strategic skills according to new REC figures. The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Jobs Outlook for August highlighted…


HMRC Tax Rates for 2014 / 2015

Personal Taxation Allowance The personal allowance is the amount that any UK worker (who is aged 65 and under) is allowed to earn in one year (one tax year) before they start to incur income tax. The personal tax allowance in 2014/2015 was £10,000 and this has been raised for 2015/2016 to £10,400. read more…


The Onshore Intermediaries Act

The Onshore Intermediaries Legislation that has recently been introduced is slowly starting to cause some concern across the recruitment industry and in agencies who employ contractors and freelancers as it is their businesses that will be bearing the brunt of the changes. The legislation, which aims to clamp down (even further) on intermediary services who…