Our Most Popular Contractor Solution

Of all the solutions we offer at Clever PAYE our ‘Employed Solution’ is by far the most rewarding, offering the best rates of retention (up to 90%) whilst simultaneously asking the least of the contractor when it comes to paperwork, admin and legal responsibilities. It is easy to see why it is our most popular contractor solution!

How It Works

Our employed solution is similar to the traditional umbrella company structure except that it requires even less paperwork, pays even better returns and offers more legal protection. That’s because you will legally be an employee of Clever PAYE and will have full employed status in the eyes of the law. You will be employed by Clever PAYE as a ‘professional consultant’ and will therefore be able to take advantage of all the benefits and protections of full time employment – including having your compliance taken care of as Clever Paye pay your NI and PAYE on your behalf directly to HMRC. You will also receive sick pay, maternity leave, holidays and holiday pay and will be automatically covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance (usually up to £5,000,000) and Public Liability Insurance (usually up to £10,000,000). Your earnings will be accessed quickly and easily (you will get them the same day we do) and the sole extent of your paperwork will be a single timesheet handed in either daily or weekly. We will take care of everything else. It really is that simple.

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Benefits of our Employed Solutions

  • Highest Rates of Retention

  • We believe our employed solution compares favourably with every other scheme on the marker and offers the best rates of retention out there (as high as 90%).

  • Unaffected by IR35

  • As an employee of Clever PAYE you will never be affected by IR35 legislation nor any legislation relating to MSC or Employee Benefits Trusts.

  • Compliance with GAAR

  • Employment with Clever PAYE is definitely not considered to be an abusive arrangement within the General Anti-Abuse Rules.

  • Full and Complete Employed Status

  • Legally you are an employee and you receive all of the associated benefits accordingly, including all of your professional and public liability insurances.

  • Easy to Join, Easy to Leave

  • We’ve set it up so that joining us and leaving us are extremely easy, with no signing or leaving fees.

  • Easy Access to Your Money

  • We guarantee same day payments direct to your bank account. As soon as we’ve got it, we’ll send it on to you.

  • No Tedious Paperwork

  • That single timesheet represents the full extent of your paperwork. No more dealings with accountants or HMRC, no more expenses forms, no more filling.

  • A Dedicated Account Manager

  • Your own account manager will always be there at the end of the phone to help you with any queries or problems.

  • Always Compliant

  • We will always be compliant with HMRC legislation and will stay ahead of the curve. Our compliance team will ensure you never break any rules or regulations

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Complete Compliance

A massive increase in earnings and we take care of all your paperwork – there’s got to be a catch right? And you are right to be cautious – a number of income retention schemes have fallen foul of HMRC in recent years and have been caught out by MSC legislation, IR35 and many other tax rules aimed at contractors. But here’s where we are different. Firstly, we offer a wide range of solutions and aren’t just pushing one product. Secondly, we have a team of compliance experts who have put together all our solutions from the start and who are constantly checking new legislation and regulations to ensure our packages never upset HMRC. That’s why everything we offer is 100% compliant and is outside of IR35, unaffected by Agency Workers Regulation and fully GAAR compliant. Indeed everything we offer is already fully compliant with the recent RTI (PAYE Real Time) legislation. Thirdly and most importantly, we’re a UK company, based in the UK and offering UK solutions to UK contractors. The only time you’ll hear the word ‘offshore’ from us is when you’re talking about all the extra holidays you’ll now be able to afford!

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